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Zelmer’s response to COVID-19

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with the Zelmer HEALTHY appliances. TheZIR3200 Healthysteam iron and the ZIS 8700 Healthy steam generator support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by effectively disinfecting clothing and other textiles without damage from heat.

Zelmer will not be gone from the market and will continue to stay at Polish homes.

The Zelmer brand, which Poles have known and loved for more than 50 years, begins a new chapter of its history. Despite the rumors so far, Zelmer will not be gone from the store shelves, it only changes ownership. Recognizing the undisputed status of Zelmer on the market and the undeniable potential for its future growth, the B&B TrendsGroup of Spain with the core business in small home appliances decided to purchase the brand from the BSH Group of Germany. The BSH Home Appliances Group, a leader home appliance manufacturer, sold the Zelmer brand to B&B Trends of Spain, which is the new owner of Zelmer since January 2020. B&B Trends will continue to distribute Zelmer products via Eurogama sp. z o.o., a Polish distributor with years of business experience. Zelmer, the quiet partner in the daily life at Polish homes, will continue to support families with its functionalities and reliability. For more than 50 years, the Zelmer brand has been entrenched in the awareness of Poles. Zelmer is synonymous of excellent quality and reliability. It has and will continue to appear in Polish homes. Zelmer products have also won foreign markets and have been delightful to consumers in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Zelmer continues as an undisputed market leader in many categories of the Polish small appliances sector and with the beginning of 2020, it won a partner who intends to make the future growth of Zelmer more dynamic.