Zelmer brand

Zelmer brand

The Zelmer brand is a leading one in the category of small home appliances in Poland and is known for its endurance and infallibility. Among Zelmer brand offered appliances there are kitchen appliances such as mixers, meat grinders, juicers, food processors, microwaves, coffee machines and electric kettles. This vast variety of the brand’s products is supplemented with irons and hair and body care appliances, e.g. hair dryers, curling irons, shavers or trimmers. A significant place in Zelmer brand portfolio is devoted to vacuum cleaners as this brand has become a synonym of this category throughout time.

Not only is Zelmer brand one of the most widely recognized national brands, but its dynamic development goes hand in hand with infallibility, functionality and classic design of manufactured appliances, which results in conquering both the Polish and international markets of small home appliances. Since 2013 Zelmer brand constitutes a part of the global BSH group.

Even though over 60 years ago the original workplace specialized in field kitchens and military equipment, currently Zelmer brand can be proud of a great selection of appliances reaching from vacuum cleaners through mixers  to shavers. Also, seasonal home appliances, the example of which is food dehydrator, constitute an important element of the brand. Zelmer brand owes such a wide product selection to its approach based on listening to consumers’ needs and expectations followed by reacting to them immediately. A recent significant step in the brand development was the opening of a new factory with 13 lines for vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances production in 2011. The workplace in Rogoźnica is able to encompass the complete production process, i.e. from material processing to finished goods packing, and allows for a quick implementation of new functional patents and solutions.

Consumers have trust for Zelmer brand products and evaluate them highly, which is proved by annually awarded prizes that recognize their quality (e.g., Dobry Produkt Wybór Konsumentów, Laur Konsumenta i Odkrycie Roku) as well as their design (e.g., Top Design, Dobry Wybór). However, Zelmer does not stop on these two aspects and also pays much attention to the issue of ecology, therefore its offer includes such products as Hot Cup kettle or Juice Maker juicer, which are a part of Eco Line. Apart from infallibility and functionality of its products, zelmer also promotes healthy and active lifestyle through the means of, among others, its ‘Ecogotowanie’ Facebook fan page and ‘Świeża Inicjatywa’ action.

The brand is proud of its features like infallibility, functionality and solid workmanship.