Gold Quality Emblem QI 2008 for Zelmer vacuum cleaners Solaris and Syrius!


In the competition Quality Forum Quality International organized for the second time, Zelmer vacuum cleaners Solaris and Syrius were awarded the Gold Quality Emblem QI 2008. These reliable, robust products made with the highest attention to detail are the pride of Poland's largest manufacturer of small domestic appliances.

The Quality International competition is addressed to Poland-based institutions, manufacturers and service providers that pursue a clear quality policy with regard to products, services or/and management system.

In a word, the competition is intended for organizations which can boast having achievements at the highest world level. The objective of the competition is to promote Polish products and services; to point out the highest quality products and services; to present manufacturers and service providers which care about quality and safety of their products and services and which are environmentally conscious; to promote fair and sound competition principles; to propagate among the Polish companies and institutions the ideas of implementing modern quality and environmental management methods and, eventually, to boost the competitiveness of the manufacturers and service providers on European and international markets. The awards committee, which has also taken the event under its patronage, is constituted by: the Ministry of Regional Development, the Polish ISO Forum Club, and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The competition is organized by Media Press, the editor of Forum Biznesu, an information and promotional supplement to Gazeta Prawna. This year's edition of the competition gathered more than 300 companies in three categories: QI product - highest quality product, QI services - highest quality services, QI order - highest quality management.

Why was it then that Zelmer vacuum cleaners Solaris and Syrius won jurors' recognition in the Quality Forum QI 2008 competition? First and foremost it was the fact that these products feature exceptional quality, functionality, modern functions and original design. The first one of them, Solaris model 5000, is a vacuum cleaner with very high power (2200 W), digital power control and filter replacement indicator. What's more, it's equipped with an anti-allergy HEPA H13 filter capturing 99.95 per cent of dust particles, microbes, bacteria and mites. The solutions applied in this model played a crucial role in the Polish Society of Allergology giving its recommendation for this vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, Solaris ranks among a small number of products recommended to allergy sufferers and those sensitive to dust and mites. It's also worth mentioning that this vacuum cleaner is very versatile thanks to a wide choice of nozzles and brushes designed for a variety of surfaces. Moreover, it features a 12-metre working radius and auto-reverse function. The other of the vacuum cleaners rewarded, Syrius model 1600, is an example of unusual versatility combined with compact size. This handy, very practical vacuum cleaner combines high power with very low noise level of 71 dB. It comes with digital power control, electronic indicator of full dust bag and filter replacement indicator. Depending on the version, Syrius is equipped with state-of-the-art filters HEPA H13 and HEPA H11, and just like Solaris, it obtained a recommendation from the Polish Society of Allergology. The large number of accessories (nozzles and brushes) enables the user to match them to the surface being cleaned and turn a household chore into a pleasurable experience.

Zelmer is a brand which offers many categories of household appliances. The Company can boast a consistent increase in sales - from 270 mil. PLN in 2005 to 420 mil. PLN in 2007. Wiesław Zabłocki, Member of the Board and Production Director says that the 3-year company strategy provides for a sales growth to a level in excess of 700 mil. PLN. The overriding strategic goals for all areas of Zelmer's operation are: growing company value, gaining trust and reliability and building the Zelmer brand on a global scale, coupled with the continued growth in competitive advantage.

Since 1995, the year in which Zelmer implemented the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System covering design, production and service operations, the system has been constantly improved and adjusted to changing conditions and needs. According to Władysław Zygo, Director of HR Development and Quality Management, the compliance of the system with the standard is verified annually. Zelmer is fully aware of market competitiveness and high demands of customers, who nowadays expect appliances of the highest quality and performance. For that reason, in 2005, Zelmer, as the first Polish company, introduced a 4-year warranty period on its vacuum cleaners.


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