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How to take care of your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners and other household appliances alike are getting more aand more sophisticated by the year. Motor power is increasing, dimensions are getting smaller and performance is nearing perfections. What remains unchanged are the basic rules thanks to which your vacuum cleaner will be in perfect technical condition for many years.

  • Filers: The vast majority of vacuum cleaners that are now available on the market are equipped with 2 types of filters.

  • Inlet filter -  its basic function is to protect the motor from damage. It’s advisable to replace this filter at least once a year.
  • Outlet filter – ensures clean air in the house – it’s the final barrier to all impurities. Depending on the material of the filter, it caputers from 85% to 99,97% dust particles, fungal spores, and even cigarette smoke!
    The latter value holds true of the most advanced among the filters used in vacuum clearns, namely HEPA H13 filters (used in Solarss and Syrius 1600.0 HQ).

    In order to maintain the appropriate filtration level it’s necessary to exchange the filter at least once a year.

Caution: Avoid vacuuming plaster dust, flour, coca powder or icing sugar. The may easily clog the pores of both the filter and the dust bag. The information on how to replace filters in Zelmer vacuum cleaners is to be found in enclosed instruction manuals.