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Safety at home - HEPA filter

Dust in unwanted, but to all intents and purposes, an inevitable “guest” in the house. Everyone does their best to get rid of it but the problem is the most acute for those suffering from allergies. Depending on the intensity of the allergy, dust may cause unpleasant symptoms – from cough and runny nose to dangerous allegic reactions. Healthy people should’t feel completely safe either. Given the infavourable  circumstances allergy can affect anyone, therefore a vacuum cleaner equipped with a suitable filter is a must not only for allergy-sufferers.

Vacuum cleaners featuring the highest-grade filter – HEPA are simply invaluable here! Very thick, made of fibres joined by synthetic resin, HEPA filter are extremely effective barrier to almost every kind of impurities.

HEPA H13 filter, the most effective among HEPA filters which are used nowadays in vacuum cleaners (and incorporated in Zelmer models: Solars and Syrius 1600,0 HQ), effectively filters particles as small as 0.3 micron! This means that as well as dust, pollen and fungal spores, the filter retains even cigarette smoke.