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Kitchenware suitable for microwave use

Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave oven. No wonder – with the aid of these appliances the preparation of your favourite dishes is much faster and more comfortable. Below you’ll find some advice on the kitchenware items suitable for microwave use.


  • Only use dishes and kitchen utensils that are suitable for microwave use.
    The perfect material to be used in microwave ovens should be transparent as this type of material makes it possible for microwave energy to go through the container and heat the food.
  • Don’t use metal utensils or dishes with metallic finish – microwaves cannot pass through metal.

  • It’s recommended to use round or oval dishes instead of square or oblong ones since the food tends to burn in the corners.
  • Uncovered areas should be protected from burning by means of narrow stripes of aluminium foil. It should be remembered, however, not to use too much foil and to secure a distance of at least 3 cm between the foil and the inner walls of the micro-wave oven.