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The culture of coffee drinking

The culture of coffee drinking is known around the globe and each country has its own recipe for preparing this beverage. Over the years brewing methods have been modified and improved.

Espresso machines for brewing ground coffee were invented, thanks to which we can delight in e.g. the famous Italian espresso. Nevertheless, also more traditional ways of brewing, i.e. the ones that do not use modern technical solutions, have been preserved. One of the oldest brewing methods of Turkish coffee obtained in the process of repeated brewing in special pot. Nowadays, every decent cafe offers a wide selection of coffee and various serving methods.

Among other well-known coffee types there is also Irish coffee enriched with a shot of whisky, or Iced coffee (cafe frappe) - invented by Italians and drunk on hot days. It was also the Italians who introduced the term ‘caffe latte', that is coffee server with frothy milk. Aside from whole bean coffee, which is highly appreciated by gourments and considered by them to be the only ‘genuine' coffee, there is also instant coffee or flavoured coffee, e.g. with vanilla or nutty overtones.

For coffee brewing process, apart from the easiest ways requiring only to pour boiling water over the ground coffee or preparing it In an espresso machine, a traditional dish - a coffee maker is used. The brewing method is particulary valued by connoisseurs because the full aroma and taste of coffee are preserved. As one can see, coffee has many faces and its flavour hasn't revealed all its secrets yet. No wonder then, that many of us just cannot imagine a single Day without coffee. Some people treat drinking coffee even as a ceremony praising its merits. Also the stimulating and refreshing effects of coffee are widely acknowledged, and the last test research show that coffee improves concentration.

But as old saing goes „everything in moderation", also in the case of coffee it's good to know when to stop.