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ZSC1600X (SC1600) - Steam cookers

ZSC1600X (SC1600)

SC1600 product Zelmer is a modern and elegant solution for steaming food preserving the maximum amount of nutrients. Simple and uncomplicated steamer provides maximum comfort and convenience. Steamer has three separate, individually controlled steam generators that allow at the same time prepare a multi-meal. Light and folding containers allow to use the device in any combination to achieve the desired effect. Power 2000 W allows a short time to prepare a meal for a big family thanks to large capacity - 12L, and the absorption of odors don't exists, so that food will not get the small of at the same time prepared dishes of meat, fish or vegetables. One cycle allows you to prepare a full meal of three components.
  • 9 automatic cooking programs
  • Electronic control type with LCD display
  • Additional accessories: container for rice, soup and souce, fish tray
  • Specification

    ZSC1600X (SC1600)

    Maximum power [W] 2000
    Capacity [l] 12
    Control type electronic
    Display LCD
    Keep Warm – temperature preservation function +
    Aroma Center – herb infuser +
    Number of settings 3
    Sound signal +
    Water level indicator +
    Possibility to refill the water container while working +
    Container for soup or rice +
    Timer +
    Drip tray +
    Two-stage safety lock against overheating +
    Two-stage safety lock against activating empty appliance +
    Available colour variants inox
    Housing material stainless steel / plastic
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 023 816

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