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ZSC1100V (37Z010) - Steam cookers

ZSC1100V (37Z010)

The 37Z010 steam cooker is an appliance which will easily cook meat, rice or vegetables. It is equipped with 5 automatic cooking programs and the possibility to refill water during operation. With the keep-warm function you don't have to worry that your meal will be cold after the cooking process.The appliance is also equipped with a rice and soup bowl, as well as an integrated stand for eggs.

  • 5 automatic cooking programs
  • Herb infusion tray - Aroma Center
  • Easy storage
  • Specification

    ZSC1100V (37Z010)

    Maximum power [W] 755 - 900
    Capacity [l] 8,5
    Control type mechanical
    Display LCD with timer
    Keep Warm – temperature preservation function +
    Aroma Center – herb infuser +
    Number of settings 3
    Sound signal +
    Water level indicator +
    Possibility to refill the water container while working +
    Integrated egg holder +
    Container for soup or rice +
    Timer +
    Drip tray +
    Two-stage safety lock against overheating +
    Two-stage safety lock against activating empty appliance +
    Available colour variants pearl-violet
    Housing material plastic
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 012 759

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