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Pressure coffeemakers

ZCM2184X (Nerro+ 13Z016) - Pressure coffeemakers

ZCM2184X (Nerro+ 13Z016)

An advanced, compact coffee machine with an abundance of options. It may produce espresso not only from ground coffee but also popular ESE pods. In addition, to improve the flavours, this machine offers heating and frothing of milk and warming cups on the surface of a special hot plate on top of the housing body. The machine is also extremely easy to maintain and clean: if scaling begins to deposit in the machine, you will be notified by a special indicator on the display, and a special de-scaling program will remove scaling for you. Cleaning the housing surface is facilitated by special anti-fingerprint coating, which prevents fingerprints appearing on the surface.


  • Coffee temperature adjustment
  • Programmable settings
  • 1350 W power rating
  • Specification

    ZCM2184X (Nerro+ 13Z016)

    Pump pressure [b] 18
    Maximum power [W] 1350
    Energy saving mode -
    Housing material oxidised aluminium – Anti-fingerprint coating
    Rubber anti-slip feet +
    Removable water tank +
    Water tank capacity [l] 1,5
    Cup warmer plate +
    Steel milk frothing cup (500 ml) +
    Removable drip pan +
    Perfect Brewing System (automatic settings of coffee temperature and pressure) +
    Smart Press - automatic coffee pressing +
    ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) system - coffee pods +
    Programmable settings +
    No. of individual programs 2
    Crema adapter filter -
    Cappuccino frother +
    Coffee volume selection range [ml] 35−120
    Possibility to brew 1 to 2 cups of coffee in one brewing process +
    Automatic stop after filling 1 or 2 cups +
    Steam/hot water function (milk foaming/tea brewing) +
    Manual tea preparation +
    Tea whipping system in the filter grip with gauge +
    Water level indicator +
    Water hardness control +
    Coffee temperature control standard/high
    Automatic decalcification +
    EAN code 5 900 215 013 213

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