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Pressure coffeemakers

ZCM2150X (Maestro 13Z012) - Pressure coffeemakers

ZCM2150X (Maestro 13Z012)

The 13Z012 espresso machine incorporates all the functions to produce perfect coffee. Thermoblock, the water heating system implemented in the machine, will heat water to a temperature optimised for coffee every time, and significantly reduces limescale at the key components of the machine. With a cup warmer and a steam wand, you can prepare various types of coffee yourself, from espresso through cafe latte.


  • LCD
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • 1050 W power rating
  • Specification

    ZCM2150X (Maestro 13Z012)

    Pump pressure [b] 15
    Maximum power [W] 1050
    Energy saving mode +
    Housing material inox
    Rubber anti-slip feet +
    Removable water tank +
    Water tank capacity [l] 2,1
    Cup warmer plate +
    Steel milk frothing cup (500 ml) +
    Removable drip pan +
    Perfect Brewing System (automatic settings of coffee temperature and pressure) -
    Smart Press - automatic coffee pressing -
    ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) system - coffee pods +
    Programmable settings +
    No. of individual programs -
    Crema adapter filter +
    Cappuccino frother +
    Possibility to brew 1 to 2 cups of coffee in one brewing process +
    Automatic stop after filling 1 or 2 cups -
    Steam/hot water function (milk foaming/tea brewing) +
    Manual tea preparation +
    Tea whipping system in the filter grip with gauge +
    Water level indicator +
    Water hardness control -
    Coffee temperature control -
    Automatic decalcification -
    EAN code 5 900 215 010 885

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