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ZMW1100W (MW2000S) - MWO

ZMW1100W (MW2000S)

The snowy white MW2000S microwave oven, rated to 1270W, will quickly heat the food inside it; 10 microwave power settings let you adjust the cooking conditions to almost any dish whatsoever. Still, if you are not sure what power and cooking time settings to choose for the specific products, you may choose 1 of 6 available programs to set all the parameters automatically for you. The transparent touch panel is very easy to operate.

  • Power consuption: 1270 W 
  • Power levels: 10
  • 6 automatic cooking programs
  • Specification

    ZMW1100W (MW2000S)

    Control type electronic
    Capacity [l] 20
    Output power (microwave) [W] 800
    Power consumption [W] 1270
    Grill power [W]
    Convection power [W]
    Steam generator power [W]
    Power level 10
    Timer +
    Programming of operation start -
    Max. cooking time [min] 99
    LED display +
    Combined cooking -
    Multi-level cooking +
    Defrosting +
    Thermaflow -
    Weight setting -
    Automatic programmes 6
    Steam cooking -
    Crisp plate -
    Grate -
    Grill tray -
    Child lock +
    Cooking finish signal +
    Inside the oven enamel
    Available colour variants white
    Plate diameter [mm] 255
    External dimensions height x width x depth [mm] 258 x 440 x 330
    Iinternal dimensions height x width x depth [mm] 208 x 306 x 307
    EAN code 5 900 215 021 140

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