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Meat mincers

ZMM1084I / ZMM1084L / ZMM1084S / ZMM1084X (Diana 887.84) - Meat mincers

ZMM1084I / ZMM1084L / ZMM1084S / ZMM1084X (Diana 887.84)

Diana 887.84 - high-powered, wide-ranged functionality mincer. Apart from 3 screens, the mincer is also fitted with a vegetable chopper attachment and a set of 4 grating pieces, helping you prepare fresh vegetable salads immediately. With these accessories and a large feeding bowl, you will need much less time to prepare potato pancakes, to grate vegetables or fruit.
  • Chopper attachment with four grater pieces - chopping, slicing, grinding
  • Sausage filler
  • Motor Blocked Power 1500 W

Other models

  • Specification

    ZMM1084I / ZMM1084L / ZMM1084S / ZMM1084X (Diana 887.84)

    Motor Blocked Power [W] 1500
    Mincing capacity [kg/min] 2,3
    Metal mincing chamber +
    Motor damage protection (in case of blockage) -
    Locker +
    Reverse function -
    Rubber anti-slip feet +
    Available colour variants symbio, lime, ivory
    Warranty period [months] 24
    8 mm mesh strainer +
    4 mm mesh strainer +
    2.7 mm mesh strainer +
    Clutch +
    Sausage filling funnel +
    Blade +
    Distance washer +
    Filling bowl +
    Food pusher +
    Cake and macaroni set not available
    Shredder in the set
    Fine grating drum +
    Coarse grating drum +
    Slicing drum +
    Pulping drum +
    Shredder with cube cutter available as an accessory
    Cube cutter available as an accessory
    Citrus juicer not available
    Squeezer available as an accessory

    Burr grinder available as an accessory
    EAN code ivory 5900215022512, lime 5900215022505, symbio 5900215022499, inox 5900215022529

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