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Meat mincers

ZMM1480G (986.80) - Meat mincers

ZMM1480G (986.80)

If you need a multifunctional and convenient device, the 986.80 mincer is the perfect choice. The basic version of this model comes with screens in three mesh sizes, a vegetable chopper with four cutting formats, and a sausage filler for producing sausages and other cold meat products. The appliance is also complete with a juicer for producing fresh juice, an extractor for extracting juice from small fruit and vegetables, and a coffee grinder - a treat for anyone enjoying freshly ground coffee.

All the 986 line mincers are fitted with highly resistant metal milling compartments and a motor protection device - a coupling which works in case the mincer gets stuck. Motor power of the device is very high, rendering the mincing process very efficient - 1.5kg of produce a minute. The Reverse function available in 986 line mincers is also very helpful, allowing you to reverse the turn of the mincer and remove a hard piece, e.g. gristle, which hinders the mincing process.

  • Juicer and extractor
  • Chopper attachment with four grater pieces - chopping, slicing, grinding
  • Coffee grinder

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  • Specification

    ZMM1480G (986.80)

    Motor Blocked Power [W] 1900
    Mincing capacity [kg/min] 1,5
    Metal mincing chamber +
    Motor damage protection (in case of blockage) +
    Locker +
    Reverse function +
    Rubber anti-slip feet +
    Available colour variants symbio
    Warranty period [months] 24
    8 mm mesh strainer +
    4 mm mesh strainer +
    2.7 mm mesh strainer +
    Clutch +
    Sausage filling funnel +
    Blade +
    Distance washer +
    Filling bowl +
    Food pusher +
    Cake and macaroni set not available
    Shredder in the set
    Fine grating drum +
    Coarse grating drum +
    Slicing drum +
    Pulping drum +
    Citrus juicer in the set
    Squeezer in the set
    Burr grinder in the set
    EAN code 5 900 215 011 448

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