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Meat mincers

ZMM1508L / ZMM1508S (987.80) - Meat mincers

ZMM1508L / ZMM1508S (987.80)

If you need a multifunctional and convenient device, the 987.80 mincer is the perfect choice. This model is fitted with 3 screens with various mesh sizes, a vegetable chopper attachment with four grater pieces for chopping, slicing and grinding, a juicer for extracting fresh citrus juices, an extractor for producing juices from soft fruits and vegetables, and a coffee grinder - something for those who enjoy freshly ground coffee. This is a truly multifunctional appliance for amateur cooks.

  • Citrus juicer and juicer
  • Chopper attachment with four drums - chopping, slicing, grinding
  • Coffee grinder
ZMM1486S (986.86)  - Meat mincers

ZMM1486S (986.86)

  • Chopper attachment with four grater pieces
  • Juicer
  • Screens with different mesh sizes
Dorota 686.54  - Meat mincers

Dorota 686.54

  • Chopper attachment with four grater pieces
  • Sausage filler
  • Large feeding bowl
ZMM1586S (987.86)  - Meat mincers

ZMM1586S (987.86)

  • Chopper attachment with four grater pieces - chopping, slicing, grinding
  • Citrus extractor
  • 2.7 mm to 8 mm diameter screens