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ZKS14100 (34Z051) - Kitchen scales

ZKS14100 (34Z051)

Outstandingly precise kitchen scales to the accuracy of 1 gram are becoming a must in a modern kitchen more and more often. The 34Z051 scale offers not only an attractive design but also tare function and the extremely handy option of weighing products in a bowl. Measurement results are displayed on a large and legible LCD.

  • Complete with weighing bowl
  • Glass weighing platform
  • Measurement accuracy: 1g
  • Specification

    ZKS14100 (34Z051)

    Weight (max) 5
    Measure accuracy [g] 1
    Tare function +
    LCD display +
    Measure units g, kg, lb, oz
    Touch control panel -
    Overload indicator +
    Possibility to weigh on weighing plate or in a bowl +
    Power supply battery
    Overheat protection +
    Available colour variants silver
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 013 640

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