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ZHB1204S (491.4 NM) - Hand blenders

ZHB1204S (491.4 NM)

The ergonomic, lightweight, high performance, easy-to-use 491.4 NM blender will work perfectly for every kitchen. The appliance is complete with exchangeable attachments, including an ice crusher, a mini-food processor, a whisking attachment, which significantly improve the blender's functionality. With them, the appliance becomes your practical assistant in a tiny kitchen where any savings in terms of space are important. The blender is available in white (symbio).

  • High power rating - 700 W 
  • Plastic blender leg
  • Multifunctional – ice crusher, mini-food processor, whisking attachment
  • Specification

    ZHB1204S (491.4 NM)

    Maximum power [W] 700
    Centrifugation speed settings 15
    Turbo function +
    Safety lock preventing the release of attachments while in use +
    Available colour variants symbio (biały)
    Warranty period [months] 24
    Metal mixing foot +
    Plastic mixing foot -
    Rubber cover for the mixing attachment -
    Mixing cup with a lid +
    Foaming whisk +
    Chopper [ml] 1
    Chopping blade +
    Tray-lid to the mini food processor -
    Food processor [ml] 0
    Food pusher -
    Two-sided blade for chips, crumbs and shredding -
    Two-sided blade for thick and thin slicing -
    Ice crusher [ml] 1
    Two-sided blade with level 1 and 2 granulation +
    Cable clip -
    EAN code 5 900 215 019 642

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