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ZHB1230S (491.30 NM) - Hand blenders

ZHB1230S (491.30 NM)

The 491.30 NM hand blender is a fashionable and practical device which facilitates your work in the kitchen in many ways - blending, chopping or whisking products. It has a food processor with large storage capacity and two-sided chopping blades, which will accelerate preparation of raw vegetable salads, other salads or potato pancakes. Use of this blender is comfortable with its high power ratings, Turbo function, and 15 rotating speed increments. The blender is available in white (symbio).

  • High power rating - 700 W 
  • Metal blender leg
  • Multifunctional – ice crusher, mini-food processor, egg white whisker
  • Specification

    ZHB1230S (491.30 NM)

    Maximum power [W] 700
    Centrifugation speed settings 15
    Turbo function +
    Safety lock preventing the release of attachments while in use +
    Available colour variants symbio (white)
    Warranty period [months] 24
    Metal mixing foot +
    Plastic mixing foot -
    Mixing cup with a lid +
    Foaming whisk +
    Chopper [ml] 0
    Chopping blade -
    Food processor [ml] 1
    Food pusher +
    Two-sided blade for chips, crumbs and shredding +
    Two-sided blade for thick and thin slicing +
    Ice crusher [ml] 0
    Two-sided blade with level 1 and 2 granulation -
    EAN code 5 900 215 019 666
    Rubber cover for the mixing attachment -
    Tray-lid to the mini food processor -
    Cable clip -

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