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ZHM0861X (Mix Robi 381.61 SL) - Food mixers

ZHM0861X (Mix Robi 381.61 SL)

The Mix Robi 381.61 Sl mixer is an attractive and functional device. It has a stand with a large mixing bowl, 3 litre capacity, as well as stirrers and beaters which, complete with the high power rating and the swinging motion of the mixer in service, will perfectly mix most of the products you may need. The set is complete with a 0.5lt mixing cup for those who prefer fruit and vegetable cocktails. You can use a spatula to take your kneaded dough out of the bowl, and a scraper will scrape dough off the bowl walls. A metal mixing arm is a functional and elegant addition to this mixer, which will quickly mix such products as fruit and vegetables, producing delicious and aromatic sauces and creams.


  • Large capacity bowl model
  • Convenient work - rotating movement of the mixer and bowl
  • Metal mixing arm
  • Specification

    ZHM0861X (Mix Robi 381.61 SL)

    Maximum power [W] 400
    No. of speed settings 5
    Tare function -
    Gradual speed adjustment +
    Turbo function +
    Beater/stirrer release button +
    Beater/stirrer protection against accidental detachment while in service +
    Bowl capacity 3
    Can work on a fixed stand +
    Swinging movement while working on a stand +
    Can work with a blender leg +
    Can work with a mixing cup +
    Stainless steel beaters/stirrers +
    Available colour variants inox
    Warranty period [months] 24
    Beaters +
    Mixer attachments +
    Stand with bowl +
    Mixing cup 0,5 l +
    Ordinary cup +
    Liquidizer disc +
    Automatic scraper -
    Beater +
    Integrated electronic scales with LCD display -
    Plastic mixing foot -
    Metal mixing foot +
    EAN code

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