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ZHM1264S /  ZHM1264L / ZHM1264I (481.64) - Food mixers

ZHM1264S / ZHM1264L / ZHM1264I (481.64)

The 481.64 mixer is a light, handy appliance for processing food, producing creams, liquidizing and kneading dough. The model has a large capacity bowl on a stand and you don't need to hold the mixer by yourself - just put the products into the bowl and switch on the mixer. User comfort is improved by attached spatula for quickly taking out dough from the cup, and a scraper for scraping any sticking dough off the walls. You will also receive breakers, stirrers and a liquidizer disc with your appliance.


  • High power rating - 400 W 
  • Convenient work - rotating movement of the mixer and bowl
  • Stand mixer with a large 3lt capacity bowl
  • Specification

    ZHM1264S / ZHM1264L / ZHM1264I (481.64)

    Maximum power [W] 400
    No. of speed settings 5
    Tare function -
    Gradual speed adjustment +
    Turbo function +
    Beater/stirrer release button +
    Beater/stirrer protection against accidental detachment while in service +
    Bowl capacity 3
    Can work on a fixed stand +
    Swinging movement while working on a stand +
    Can work with a blender leg +
    Can work with a mixing cup +
    Stainless steel beaters/stirrers +
    Available colour variants symbio, lime, ivory
    Warranty period [months] 24
    Beaters +
    Mixer attachments +
    Stand with bowl +
    Mixing cup 0,5 l -
    Ordinary cup -
    Liquidizer disc +
    Automatic scraper +
    Beater +
    Integrated electronic scales with LCD display -
    Plastic mixing foot -
    Metal mixing foot -
    EAN code

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