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Mixing attachment:


Food mixers

ZHM1267S / ZHM1267L / ZHM1267I (481.67) - Food mixers

ZHM1267S / ZHM1267L / ZHM1267I (481.67)

A modern and multifunctional appliance, to maximise user comfort in preparation of cakes, desserts, sauces and various other treats. A scale with an electronic display, integrated in the bowl stand, is a unique solution as well.


  • Scale with electronic display and tare function
  • 0.5 lt mixing cup
  • Large capacity bowl model
ZHM1207S (481.7)  - Food mixers

ZHM1207S (481.7)

  • High power rating - 400 W
  • Mixer and bowl stand
  • Multifunctional accessories and attachments