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Electric Kettles

ZCK1174X - Electric Kettles


Stylish kettle with water temperature regulation and keep warm function, thanks to which the preparation of favourite beverage is quick and easy. Black, green or red tea will be prepared without any trouble. Control buttons and display in kettle's hand allow you to fully control boiling process - chose right temperature and maintain it. Thanks to high power, water boils quickly. You can control the amount of boiling water with transparent water level indicator. Solid stainless steel body ensures safety and makes it a perfect addition to every kitchen - especially when you'll set it with toaster in the same line.
  • Temperature control - LCD display
  • Keep warm function
  • Solid stainless steel body
  • Specification


    Maximum power [W] 2400
    Capacity [l] 1,7
    Water level indicator one-sided
    START/STOP buttons +
    Temperature control and maintenance function +
    Temperature control range [°C] 40-100
    Assisted lid open feature +
    Automatic switch-off after water has boiled +
    Automatic switch-off after removal from the base +
    Protection against heating an empty kettle +
    Heater type flat (covered)
    Water temperature display +
    Activity light +
    Cord storage +
    Rotary base +
    Backlit power switch -
    Sediment filter +
    Housing material inox
    Available colour variants back/silver
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5900215030371

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