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Electric Kettles

ZCK1273X (17Z021) - Electric Kettles

ZCK1273X (17Z021)

The kettle's outstanding features include its clear, double-sided water level indicator and a comfortable and ergonomic lid opening button. The kettle is cut off automatically on boil. Illuminated power on button gives the device more elegance.

  • Stylish stainless steel housing
  • Dual water level indicator
  • Ergonomic lid opening button
  • Specification

    ZCK1273X (17Z021)

    Type inox
    Maximum power [W] 1850 –2200
    Capacity [l] 1,7
    Water level indicator two-sided
    START/STOP buttons -
    Adjusting the amount of boiled water -
    Dispensing nozzle -
    Sound signal for water boiling and function activation -
    Temperature control and maintenance function -
    Temperature control range [°C] -
    Assisted lid open feature +
    Automatic switch-off after water has boiled +
    Automatic switch-off after removal from the base +
    Protection against heating an empty kettle +
    Protection against accidental lid opening +
    Removable stainless steel drip tray -
    Heater type flat (covered)
    Water temperature display -
    Activity light -
    Cord storage +
    Rotary base +
    Backlit power switch +
    Sediment filter +
    Housing material metal
    Available colour variants inox
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 013 718

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