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Electric grills

ZGE0800B (40Z010) - Electric grills

ZGE0800B (40Z010)

An electric grill will let you enjoy the taste of grilled food, regardless of the weather. With its high power ratings (2000 W) and temperature adjustment, you will soon achieve the desired tone of brown. Food is grilled without smoke emission, and grease from your sausages or fish flows down to the appliance's drip tray. The large corrugated grill plate has an anti-adhesion coating which facilitates cleaning.

  • High power rating - 2000 W 
  • 5-step temperature adjustment
  • Easy to clean - grill plate with anti-adhesion coating
  • Specification

    ZGE0800B (40Z010)

    Maximum power [W] 2000
    Control type mechanical
    Adjustable thermostat +
    Non-stick hot plate coating +
    Smoke-free grilling +
    Dripping grease container +
    Removable tempered glass lid -
    Two-sided grill plates (jagged/flat surface) -
    Withdrawn power cord +
    Can be washed in a dishwasher -
    Heat resistant handles +
    Housing material plastic
    Available colour variants black
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 013 114

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