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Citrus Presser

ZCP2100X (CP2100) - Citrus Presser

ZCP2100X (CP2100)

The CP2100, an elegant steel citrus press, fitted with two interchangeable juicing cones, lets you produce juice full of vitamins out of any citrus fruit of the world. Durability of the appliance is guaranteed with a stainless steel mesh and resistant stainless steel housing. In order to make the device comfortable to use, it is equipped with a cone compartment and an anti-dust lid. This citrus press is also fitted with an anti-drip spout, which will let you avoid staining the tabletop and the appliance itself.

  • 2 cones for different fruit sizes
  • Anti-drip spout
  • Convenient cone compartment and anti-dust lid
ZCP1000W (CP1000W)  - Citrus Presser

ZCP1000W (CP1000W)

  • Large 1000 ml juice container with scale
  • Universal pressing cone for large and small fruits
  • Convenient cable compartment and anti-dust lid