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Steam irons

ZIR1125G (Navigator Economic 28Z019) - Steam irons

ZIR1125G (Navigator Economic 28Z019)

Effective and handy This iron's double ceramic heel is gentle to the fabrics and has an ultraglide soleplate to make your work easier. The appliance also comes with life-extending functions - anti-limescale system for water softening effect, and self-cleaning system for easy removal of any contaminants.


  • Double ceramic heel
  • 2000 W power rating
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Specification

    ZIR1125G (Navigator Economic 28Z019)

    Maximum power [W] 2000
    Steam output [g/min] 15
    Steam shot [g] 95
    Water tank capacity [ml] 300
    Soleplate double ceramic
    LCD display -
    Automatic time switch -
    Fireman function – Auto-Off -
    Anti-calcium system 0
    Anti-drip system +
    Self-clean function +
    Intelligent steam generation system 0
    Vertical steam burst +
    Steam amount adjustment +
    Water spray +
    Control light +
    Water level indicator +
    Temperature regulation [°C] +
    Dry/steam ironing +/+
    Water filling cup +
    Facility to wrap the cord +
    Swivel cord +
    Handle with anti-slip strips and rubber buttons +
    Power cord length [m] 1,8
    Available colour variants turquise
    EAN code 5 900 215 018 966

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