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ZSH10100 (SH1010) - Shavers

ZSH10100 (SH1010)

The SH1010 foil shaver features state-of-the-art design and brilliant technological innovations. Running your finger across the control panel on the front of the shaver is all you have to do to switch the appliance on. When the battery is depleted you can charge it in your car or with your computer using the attached USB cable.

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  • Sensory control panel
  • USB charging
  • With wireless operation
  • Specification

    ZSH10100 (SH1010)

    Cordless operation +
    Cordless shaving time* 8 h / 40 minutes (10 days)
    Dry / wet shaving 0
    Washable -
    Trimmer -
    Triple Head Cutting System - 3 separate head -
    "Dual Track Blades" System -
    Stainless steel blades -
    Cutting system one
    "Sharp Edged Blades" -
    "Multiway Foil Screen" -
    Flexible floating head -
    Type foil
    Power supply rechargable
    Charging time [h] 8h
    Movable blades -
    Head lock -
    Charging indicator 5 LED
    Switch lock -
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 022 079

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