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Personal scales

34Z017 - Personal scales


An elegant scale with outstandingly modern and original design. An especially attractive feature is the mirror front with an integrated LCD. Four symmetrically distributed sensors offer maximum measurement accuracy. Battery power savings with Auto-off function, shutting the scale off after 10 seconds idle.

  • 4 precision measuring sensors
  • Modern design
  • Automatic shut-off after 10 seconds
  • Specification


    Display LCD - mirror glass
    Voice function -
    Language choice -
    Height measurement -
    BMI measurement -
    Height measurement scale -
    Fat measurement [%] -
    Muscle mass measurement [%] -
    Body water measurement [%] -
    Calorie requirement [kcal] -
    Data memory -
    Measure accuracy [g] 100/0,2
    Number of measurement sensors 4
    Calibration +
    Overload indicator +
    Melody function -
    Tare function -
    Maximum weight [kg/lb] 150/330
    Power supply batteries
    Available colour variants brown
    Auto-Off function +
    Housing material plastic
    Other -
    EAN code 5 900 215 016 665
    Quantity in a multipack [pcs.] 5

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